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Countertops in Lancaster

Small details make all the difference. When you’re designing your ideal kitchen installation or renovation, you have a lot to think about. What kind of kitchen do I want to have? What kind of use do I plan to get out of my kitchen? How durable do I need my kitchen to be? These are all vital questions to ask yourself.

At The Nicklaus Group LLC, we know countertops and how crucial they can be to the perfect kitchen design in Lancaster. We’ve developed this fun guide to help you choose the best material to suit your personality.

Granite Countertops: The All-Rounder

You’re as likely to be found on the football field as you are at the opera. You feel at home in the library or in the middle of a raging party. This month, it’s a coin toss as to whether your latest hobby is baking soufflés or sunbathing on the beach. If this sounds like you, consider granite countertops for your Lancaster home.

Granite represents the perfect combination of form and function. Durable, stylish, and more affordable than you think, it’s ideal for kitchens that get a variable amount of use. The fact that it’s a natural material means your countertop evolves as you do. We at The Nicklaus Group LLC have been sourcing affordable granite for our customers for years, and can do the same for you.

Butcher Block: The Professional Chef

If you’re considering installing butcher block when you’re renovating your kitchen in Lancaster, we bet you have a separate bookshelf for cookbooks. Butcher block is easy to maintain and can handle tough stains, burns, and chips, year after year. Its affordability means you can purchase enough square footage to hold all your appliances. Best of all, you can build it out of any wood you desire—even on a cook’s salary.

Marble Countertops: The Traditionalist

You may not have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but you certainly have them in your cupboards. You think Bach is overrated. And, like you, your kitchen is dressed to impress.

Marble countertops have a traditional elegance that draws the gaze. More delicate than other materials, it is ideal for homeowners who consider the kitchen a place of gathering rather than of laboring. The Nicklaus Group LLC has the finest-grained marble in Lancaster. Get your butler to call us today!

Quartz Worktops: The Workhorse

You haven’t missed a deadline in a decade. Your home is as chaotic as your mind is organized. Quartz countertops chip at your very gaze. And you believe if you want a job done well, you’ve done it yourself.

Quartz worktops are the perfect material for those who believe no job is too big or small. Its durability is unmatched. It takes a beating as well as you do. And it doesn’t quit for years.

We’ve Got Your Kitchen Covered

Whether you want marble countertops or are looking for affordable granite options, The Nicklaus Group LLC has the right material—for whatever material you’re made of.

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