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Cabinetry in Dublin

Are you a homeowner in the Dublin area, or in the process of building a home?

When you are in need of cabinet installation, The Nicklaus Group LLC is the company you should call!

As an established specialist in cabinetry, we have the experience and resources to install the built-in cabinets of your dreams.

Our cabinets will provide an attractive, highly durable addition to your home for years to come.

To learn more about our cabinetry solutions, or to receive free pricing info, contact The Nicklaus Group LLC today!

Expertly Installed Kitchen Cabinets in Dublin

Installing cabinets in your kitchen is not only a highly practical decision, but a great investment. They require essentially no maintenance, and retain their strength and finish over a very long period. They also provide an almost guaranteed return on investment, being one of the key features of kitchen remodeling.

Nearly every home is lacking built-in storage. Your current kitchen cupboards may not be adequate to store your food, dishes, and other kitchen contents. With modern, professionally installed kitchen cabinetry, food storage and preparation will be easier than ever.

The Nicklaus Group LLC works every day with clients to add the perfect kitchen cupboards to their home. We take into account not only the size of your kitchen, but your preferences for color, style, and finish. You use your kitchen for hours a day, and we’re committed to making your space useful as well as visually appealing.

When you order kitchen cabinets from The Nicklaus Group LLC, you’ll choose from a very wide selection of cabinet designs and colors. You’ll be able to select the cabinets that best suit your kitchen and lifestyle.

We work directly with a number of suppliers and manufacturers in the Dublin area to offer the latest, most well-constructed cabinet materials. As a result, we’re able to pass on cost savings to our clients.

The cabinet delivery and installation process is efficient and stress-free. In no time, your kitchen cabinetry will be installed and ready for storage!

Contact The Nicklaus Group LLC today to learn more about our cabinet services.

Kitchen Cupboard Installation

With a set of kitchen cupboards from The Nicklaus Group LLC, all your kitchen items will be at your fingertips when you need them, and hidden from view when you don’t.

Our cabinet installation process is rapid and meticulous. We make it a priority to work neatly in your home, minimizing disruptions to your kitchen.

Our team of professional contractors are fully licensed and insured. Whether you have a new or existing kitchen, we will install your kitchen cabinets swiftly and without hassle. We install cabinets containing drawers, door panels, or even rotating storage solutions.

In addition to cabinetry sales and installing, The Nicklaus Group LLC provides cabinet refacing and countertop installation services. This makes us the best option for kitchen remodeling in Dublin!

To learn more about our state-of-the-art cabinetry solutions, contact The Nicklaus Group today. We’d be pleased to provide you with a complimentary quote!

Cabinetry for Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen can be a big undertaking. Whatever your budget is for remodeling your kitchen, you can expect to spend about 30% of it on new kitchen cabinets (less if you opt to reface your cabinets).

As you inspect the costs further, you might start to feel a little overwhelmed. But as you know, your home is an investment. Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and boost its resale value. The quality of a home’s kitchen, after all, figures very heavily into any potential buyer’s decision-making process. It can make or break a sale, even! That might sound ridiculous, but just think about how much time each family member spends in the kitchen. Sure, they sleep for eight hours a night in their bedrooms, and spend two hours a day in the living room, but the kitchen is where things get done! There is rarely an idle moment in a family’s kitchen. That’s why it needs to be spacious, practical and multi-faceted with plenty of countertop space and storage space.

With so much at stake with your cabinets and kitchen, don’t you want to work with a team of experienced professionals? The Nicklaus Group LLC has over 23 years of experience in the field, which is more than most cabinet companies. We offer the most competitive pricing in Dublin alongside a price match guarantee!

Do you want a full kitchen cabinet renovation? Do you want maple bathroom vanity cabinets? Don’t settle for home depot kitchen cupboards. The Nicklaus Group LLC can provide you with solid wood dovetail drawer boxes, mitered doors, and more! Just call us.

Kitchen Cabinet Suppliers Near Me

When you’re giving your kitchen a makeover, you don’t want to add any features that will clash with your home’s décor. Some cabinet companies might not have an eye for this, but The Nicklaus Group LLC does. We’re the kitchen cabinet contractors with an eye for design. We’ll keep your kitchen cabinets in sync with your home.

What is New in Kitchen Cabinets

These days, storage is everything. If you’re installing new cabinets in your home, you don’t want them to just look better. You want them to give you something practical! Many old kitchens make terrible use of the available space. With quality cabinets, you can get all the space you need.

At The Nicklaus Group LLC, we have over 21 door styles to choose from. Ranging from modern minimalist to classic brand cabinetry, we are confident that we can find you the cabinets that work best for your kitchen. Some of our premium cabinet door options are:

  • Cinnamon Maple Glazed
  • Mocha Maple Glazed
  • Pearl Maple Glazed
  • Almond Maple Glazed

We also offer a variety of cabinet features at no extra cost to our wonderful Dublin clients. Many of our competitors charge extra for these features, but our standards are a little different than everyone else’s. Some of these features include:

  • Solid wood dovetail drawer boxes
  • Five-piece drawer fronts
  • Mitered doors
  • Solid hardwood face frames

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